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Benefits of Environmental Scanning Essay

Early identification of threat is always beneficial as it helps to diffuse off some threat. The external information sources includes: Micro-environment[ edit ] Company aspect of micro-environment refers to the internal environment of the company. It is important to place equal emphasis on both the macro and micro environment and to react accordingly to changes within them.

A common formal environmental scanning process has five steps. Refresh Environmental analysis is a strategic tool. The political environment includes all lawsgovernment agenciesand groups that influence or limit other organizations and individuals within a society.

Marketing services agencies are companies that offer services such as conducting marketing research, advertising, and consulting. Limitations of Environmental Analysis An environmental analysis reviews current environmental conditions to forecast a future business environment.

These are the people that help the company promote, sell, and distribute its products to final buyers.

How to Prepare a Marketing Environmental Analysis

Optimum use of resources: Early identification of threat is always beneficial as it helps to diffuse off some threat. During her career, she has published business and technology-based articles and texts. The political environment includes all lawsgovernment agenciesand groups that influence or limit other organizations and individuals within a society.

Resellers are those that hold and sell the company's product.

Environmental Business Analysis

The step four of the environmental scanning process is all about the communication of the results obtained in step three. The external information sources includes: Financial intermediaries are institutions such as banks, credit companies and Insurance companies.

To address these challenges, business leaders conduct an environmental analysis and develop policies and processes that adapt company operations and products to this environment. This includes the natural resources that a company uses as inputs that affects their marketing activities.

For example, research and development have input as to the features a product can perform and accounting approves the financial side of marketing plans and budget in customer dissatisfaction.

Another aspect of the macro-environment is the economic environment. The company should develop a strategic advantage over their competitors. For further growth and expansion, the weakness should be identified so as to correct them as soon as possible.

Environmental scanning reinforces productive strategic plans and policies that can be implemented to make the organization get the maximum use of the business environment they are in. Technology has developed to the extent where purchase patterns can be analysed in order to forecast future demand [4].

These events can include student enrollment trends, in climate weather or natural disasters, world events, funding, federal legislation, marketing, etc.

What Is An Environmental Scan?

The basic purpose of environmental scanning is to help management determine the future direction of the organization. For example, the company might review International Trade Center surveys that relay information about trade barriers that companies face in particular countries.

When looking at the weaknesses of the organization's placing in the current business environment a formal environmental scanning is used. There are some factors that are beyond your control. Without undertaking environmental scanning, the firm cannot develop a strategy for business success.

These evaluations are later translated into the decision-making process.Benefits of Environmental Scanning Essay In essence environmental scanning considers political, economic, social, technological and legal factors before investing in the target market.

Nokia is not exceptional from the intense competition that the industry is subjected to. In addition, the environmental analysis is but one source of information that's evaluated as a company develops a strategic plan.

As a result, the analysis does not guarantee business success. The benefit of the analysis is also limited by the reliability and timeliness of data used in the analysis. Environmental Scanning is a process that systematically surveys and interprets relevant data to identify external opportunities and threats.

An organization gathers information about the external world, its competitors and itself. Learn how Environmental Scanning helps create better business strategies and view successful examples.

Marketing Plan Services; Business Plan Consulting; Business Coaching; Case Studies; marketing, real estate and finance. He is passionate about small business, social and environmental justice, and is a proud member of the. Environmental scanning is a part of SWOT Analysis.

Environment scanning is a process in which the organization undertakes a study to identify the opportunities and threats in an industry. The information obtained through environmental scanning can be used by leaders to design new objectives and strategies or modify existing objectives and strategies.

An environmental analysis, or PEST analysis, categorizes the changes and forces that affect your startup either directly or indirectly through your customers, suppliers and competitors.

PEST is an acronym that stands for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological market forces.

Business plan environmental scanning marketing
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